Acerpure Aqua RP722-14W


Acerpure Aqua Under Sink RO Water Purifier

RP722-14W / RP722-12W / RP722-10W White

  • Lead-free 2-Way Water Tap
  • RO Filtration System
  • TDS Water Quality Monitor
  • Smart Wash Self-cleaning Technology
  • Slim, Space-saving Design
Purified or RO Water? It's Your Choice!
Easily switch between purified water for cooking and
RO water for drinking with a Water Control Switch to prolong filter life.
Double the Protection with RO Filtration System
Enjoy peace of mind with pure, refreshing water filtered
through a 3-Step RO filtration system for your drinking and cooking.
Slim, Space-saving & Award-winning Design
Fits easily under your kitchen counter with a versatile design that won Japan’s Good Design Award.
The tankless unit saves space, and keeps your kitchen neat and stylish.
Ready-to-drink Water
Conveniently from the tap, enjoy unlimited water purified through a Direct Input RO Filtration System.
Real-time TDS Water Quality Monitor
Conveniently monitor your water quality with the indicator at the lead-free faucet.
The indicator intuitively turns red when TDS is abnormal or when filter life is up.
Never Worry About Maintenance
Use Smart Wash Function to automatically clean internal pipelines and filters.
Easily maintain pure, high-quality water at home with easy-to-change filters.

Product Series Acerpure Aqua Under Sink RO Water Purifier
Model Name RP722-14W RP722-12W RP722-10W
Color White
Product Size W: 140mm D: 448mm H: 393mm
First Cartridge Filter Polypropylene & Carbon Block Composite Filter Polypropylene & Carbon Block Composite Filter Polypropylene & Carbon Block Composite Filter
Second Cartridge Filter 800G Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter 600G Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter 400G Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter
Daily Water Production Purified Water 2.0L/min ; RO Water 2.1L/min Purified Water 2.0L/min ; RO Water 1.5L/min Purified Water 2.0L/min ; RO Water 1.0L/min
Working Pressure Purified Water 0.1~0.4MPa ; RO Water 0.4~0.9MPa
Suitable Water Temperature 5-38°C
Rated Power 90W 80W 50W
Rated Voltage 220V~ 50Hz
Smart Gooseneck Faucet 2-Way Water Output / TDS Water Quality Monitor / Filter Life Indicator
Maintenance Smart Wash Self-Cleaning Technology
Test NSF / SGS Test in TW Water Standard