Acerpure Aqua WP742-40W


Acerpure Aqua
Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

WP742-40W / WP743-60W White

  • Instant Hot and Cold Water
  • 4-Step Filtration System
  • TDS Water Quality Monitor
  • Smart Wash
  • 8.7L Water Tank
3-in-1 Water Purifier
Dispense hot, cold and purified water with just one machine.
Instant Hot & Cold Water
Enjoy 95℃ hot and 10℃ cold water instantly with volume control for your beverages and cooking.
Pure Refreshing Water
Protect your family with a sophisticated 4-step filtration system that ensures purified water without unwanted substances.
Certified by SGS Water Quality Test and proven to remove 99.9% coliform bacteria and 99% heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic cadmium and lead.*
Best Quality Water at All Times
Always maintain the best water quality for your loved ones with a real-time TDS Water Quality Monitor. Drink hydrogen water that enhances nutrient absorption for better health.
Smart Wash Self-cleaning Technology
No more worrying about pipeline washing, just sit back, relax and the Smart Wash Function automatically cleans internal pipelines and filters.
Large Capacity Water Tank & Energy Saving
Never run out of purified water with 8.7L water tank and the 2-sided water tank design. Water waste would be decreased by 3 times, making it better for our environment.
Versatile, Modern & Compact
Fits anywhere in your home with a compact countertop design made for today's lifestyle.
Easy-to-change Filters
Clearly monitor the filter status via indicators and when alert lights up, user can change the filter easily.
User-friendly Touch Panel Design
Intuitively access commonly used functions on the right and advanced functions on the left.
Installation and Water Changing Options Available!
First choice for renters; want to change placement locations freely? Choose the portable water tank version for installation-free plug-and-play
Too lazy to change or refill the water tank and want unlimited water source? Choose the pipeline installation version for a convenient one-time installation
2 Installation Methods for Easy DIY
Professional On-Site Installation Service Is Also Available
DIY Installation – Confirm Faucet Type
Faucet specification: Must be standard 24mm thread or 22mm external thread
Optional purchase of an adapter is required for threadless faucets, and water source tabletop installation cannot be used for retractable faucets
DIY Installation Instructions
Only Five Steps Are Required for Easy DIY Installation

Product Series​ Acerpure Aqua Hot & Cold RO Water Purifier​ Acerpure Aqua Hot & Cold RO Water Purifier​
Model Name​ WP742-40W​ WP743-60W
Color​ White​ White​
Product Size​ W:240mm D:475mm H:430mm ​ W:240mm D:360mm H:430mm ​
First Cartridge Filter ​ PCF Filter PCF Filter
Second Cartridge Filter ​ RO Filter RO Filter
Third Cartridge Filter ​ GAC Filter GAC Filter
Forth Filtration ​ UVC LED Sterilization​ UVC LED Sterilization​
Cold Water​ 500ml/hour, 10℃​ 500ml/hour, 10℃​
Instant Hot Water​ 16L/hour (≥ 90℃), 110V voltage​ 16L/hour (≥ 90℃), 110V voltage​
Instant Hot Water​ 18L/hour (≧90℃), 220v voltage​ 18L/hour (≧90℃), 220v voltage​
Volume Control​ 150ml / 300ml /Manual: Min~500ml​ 150ml / 300ml /Manual: Min~500ml​
Working Pressure 0.4~0.6MPa 0.4~0.6MPa
Waterflow Rate 30L/hour 30L/hour
Water Tank 6L Raw Water/2.7L Concentrated Water NA
Built-in purified water tank 3L 3L
Rated Voltage 220V~ 50Hz 220V~ 50Hz
Rated Power​ 110V/1500W, 220V/2200W​ 110V/1500W, 220V/2200W​
Net Weight 11 kg 9.6 kg
TDS Water Quality Monitor V V
Test in TW water standard V V
Maintenance​ Smart Wash Self-Cleaning Technology​ Smart Wash Self-Cleaning Technology​
Other Functions​ Hydrogen Water / Child Safety Lock / Filter Life Indicator​ Hydrogen Water / Child Safety Lock / Filter Life Indicator​